Do Not Let Drunk Driving Charges Ruin Your Life

If you are pulled over for drunk driving, you are probably worried about the possible consequences looming before you. Whether this is your first offense or you have been charged with driving under the influence before, it is important to work with an attorney who can aggressively protect your rights in court.

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Understanding the Penalties

The first and second DUI/DWI offenses are considered misdemeanors, and the third and subsequent offenses are felonies. Although the punishments vary, consequences for felonies can include jail time for up to 10 years.

If this is your first or second offense, fines and court costs may be approximately $500. However, if you are convicted of a DWI, the court assesses the other charges you have had, sometimes adding an automatic license suspension if you have already been convicted.

Time is of the Essence

If you refused to take a Breathalyzer or if you blew over the limit, you only have 15 days to request a hearing. If you do not act within that time, your license will be suspended, and you will be barred from asking for a hearing.

Once you have been pulled over for drunk driving, it is important to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. I will help ensure you do not miss deadlines and will always keep you informed about any changes in your case.

When clients contact me to defend them, I check the legality of their arrest. I make sure the stop was constitutional, the officer had probable cause to pull you over and there were other signs of intoxication. I always look for holes in the prosecution's case to the benefit of my clients.

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